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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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coyle. out of the corner. worked ovechkin by sobotka. he stays with it. coyle. grinding. stopping and starting. again in back of allen. coyle puts on a show here. plays it along for hanzal. 63 seconds left. coyle, a power move. out in front. sobotka skates through. it goes by parise. and now parayko out of the corner. helped along by lehtera all the way back out. icing. 48.3 seconds left in this third period. >> brian: you have to wonder if mike yeo is going to take his time-out in this situation. great work by charlie coyle. down low. we talked in the open about charlie coyle. the type of game that he can play. he's a big man that skates well. he's strong on the puck. he does a fantastic job right here.
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tiring down the st. louis blues. eventually trying to get this puck to the net. had to find a way to ice this puck and they are going to take their time-out. >> john: so both have been burned. minnesota lost theirs with a coach's challenge earlier. now mike yeo will exercise his right with 43.8 seconds on the clock. what a game. this has been a fantastic series, brian. >> brian: mike yeo and the blues knew the toughest game to win would be the fourth one. a desperate hockey club, had a fantastic regular season, the wild did, for a reason. they're a deep team, a team that does not give pup. things did not go their way in the early part of this series through the first three games. they've given everything that the blues can hand until the last two games. you have to appreciate the resiliency of thi
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the third period. they lost their top center in eric staal. they fell behind by two. they had a disallowed goal. and yet they're tied with under a minute to go in this hockey game. >> john: a record-setting season of 106 points. second seed in the west. blues had an outstanding half, the hottest team going into the playoffs. out to a three-game lead in the series. 40 seconds left. all the way back. spurgeon. will wind it up. st. louis changing. erik haula. shot, denied. what a job by patrik berglund to get it out. >> brian: great shot by erik haula. >> john: berglund a steal. patrik berglund. perron in front. forced wide. a good stick by spurgeon. 15 seconds left.
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shot, turned down by dubnyk! ten seconds left. edmundson at the point. tipped, off the side of the goal. perron gets it. power move off suter. it's available! steen over his stick. we go to overtime! >> brian: what a finish to this third period. david perron creating some anxious moments for the wild fans here. see perron circumstance it will net. able to get out into the front an get a quality chance on devan dubnyk. unfortunately, he's not able to get that upstairs. we're headed to overtime. >> john: stay tuned for "subway overtime intermission report." liam, mike, and keith will take a look at the blues, the parade, and rangers preview. outstanding game five here in state of hockey.
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>> brian: getting the angry e mow joy from the fan. a power-play goal. this time it's mikko koivu bats it out of the air. more penalty trouble. takes down nino niederreiter. he's back in the box. and shortly after the penalty ends it's minnesota that scores once again. >> hold and holds and holds
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manages to beat jake allen. it was a great finish for zucker. >> pretty amazing there in minnesota. heading to o.t. the sense of anticipation, a little buzz like something amazing will happen. a taste of that already? >> we did. a great shot of the crowd as zucker comes down. they're all on their feet. the explosion comes right afterwards. what makes a tattooed fan want to dance? a goal. a lot of fun. >> now that we're headed to o.t. you see st. louis, they're chasing a lot in the third period. how do they change things in o.? >> i like that mike yeo used his time-out in the third period. looked fwert last 20 seconds, had a couple of scoring chances. a different mentality. they don't want to get caught on their heels. they have to find a way to get their energy back in their game. like san jose who could never get it going again the other night, you want to f
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>> you want to win the overtime, not survive it. we saw jis tin williams last night, he went after it. you have to have the courage to go after it. sometimes you'll make a pis mist take and your goaltenders save you but you have to go after this thing. it's not there to be gifted at some point. you have to earn it. >> you want to attack the overtime. g you want to make a man get up and dance in his seat. next, we'll look ahead to tonight's game six between the rangers and canadiens. >> down the left wing with a shot in front, scores! rangers win! mika zibanejad with the overtime goal! and the rangers win game five! from around here? johnny matarazzo. 5 foot 3, centre, averaged 57 a night. ronnie derosa, the big d. he put a dollar on the top of the backboard, brought back change. vinnie dibiasio. scored 125 points in one half. on crutches. i was there. vinnie d was awesome, he was unbelievable. he was a ptper,
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tonight henrik lundqvist and the rangers are looking to win and advance. the canadiens desperate to send the series back to montreal. pierre mcguire chatted with brendan gallagher. >> i heard you talk about character. you're in the league because of character. what's your definition of character? >> significants like this, when it's going to get tough, going throughed adversity. this is where you rise and i think you'll see the character come out. looking around the room, we have a guys with that character. we have to lean it on it tonight. >> momentum swings are important, potential
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this is one of those. game four, they were pretty good in this building. game three you were better. how do you get momentum early on? >> starts with the first shift. obviously momentum can change from playoff game to playoff game. get off to a good start. feel your way into the game, get comfortable and settle in. it will be a normal game after that. there will be emotions and jitters but if we can handle it as a team well, it will be fine. >> there will be a game seven in montreal if? >> if we get 20 individuals doing their job, support a common goal. when we're at ur best, everyone is doing a job and that's what we need. >> thank you. >> you have to say the key word at the start of that interview, contact t character. how has it been tested? >> on both sides frequently. a nasty series, the most physical series of the playoff so far. these two teams not only don't like each other, they hate each
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other. these hits are with a purpose, to hurt the guy on the other team. as a fan, you have to love it. this has been intense hockey and battling right to the end. plenty of contact and guys on their backside. it's continued throughout the series. i don't expect it to stop tonight. >> people just keep coming. i don't expect it to be any different tonight. they won't have andrew shaw in the lineup, montreal. they'll his his grit but i think you'll see it in spades from everybody else. girardi with a hit that knockings shaw out of this one just for tonight, hopefully. but the rangers were good at home. only sporadically this year. they'll have to try to finish this off but they were really good in montreal and give themselves an opportunity to get the job done. >> how do they finish it off? >> play the same way. nash has been effective. nice to have kreider jump in. should have confidence after the assist on the winning goal. mika zibanejad's line
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effective. i think alain vigneault made the appropriate adjustments. >> henrik lundqvist has restored his brilliance, really, in this playoff, and i think he needs to continue to do that. i don't think the rangers want to rely on him as much as they have at certain points in the series. it's incumbent on them to get off to a good start, grab a lead -- >> do you think he likes the head to head with carey price? >> no doubt. it fuels his fire and that's blazing. >> vintage lundqvist so far in this series. game six from new york city gets going 8:00 eastern on nbc. up next, overtime from minnesota. if the wild win, they will force a game six. if the blues win, they'll face the predators in round two. okay let's call his agent i'm coming over right now. the newly advanced gle can see in your blind spot. onboard cameras and radar can detect danger all around you.
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how the wild have clawed their way back. >> brian: it was a full onslaught by the minnesota wild in that third period. after giving up that goal to make it 3-1, the wild came with all guns ablazing. this goal was disallowed but the tone was set. they were going to the net. they would not be denied. a power-play goal by koivu. fore-check pressure, all by the wild, led to another power play opportunity. at the end of that power play, jason zucker able to finish it off with speed. unbelievable third period effort by the wild to put themselves in this position to play for overtime. >> john: a chance to face elimination and get by it for the second time. this is the second time in the series we've had overtime. here we go.
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game six if needed will be monday night in st. louis. john forslund with brian buscher "inside the glass." mikael granlund. feeds it in on jake allen. jay bouwmeester to the outside. alex pietrangelo through the middle. alex steen. one of two st. louis goals today. cleared in on dubnyk. he find david perron. niederreiter drops it off. steen on the fore-check. along the boards now. marco scandella will take it back in his own zone. matt dumba in the middle of the ice, a little chip by nino niederreiter, comes all the way back in. joel edmundson by bouwmeester. out to center ice collected by jared spurgeon. they reset. ryan suter. jason pominville. jason zucker. look out. pominville, a shot blocked by bouwmeester. ryan suter hammers one. it gs
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in front. spurgeon back out to center. intercepted by paul stastny. has a goal in this one. to the outside. stastny out in front. defended beautifully that time by jared spurgeon. colton parayko to the corner. spurgeon hard on jaden schwartz. jason zucker. back down for the minnesota wild. through center ice. tying goal as it's dumped all the way back in. 90 seconds gone in overtime. colton parayko will start the breakout. minnesota positioned well. parayko takes his time. moved in. zach parise with coyle. charlie coyle, his shot hung onto by jake allen! it's still loogs. it comes back. brodin with a shot. through traffic and kicks around to the
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prosz we are a shot, steered out by allen. brodin in deep. hanzal, low to high. nate prosser. still moving in. hanzal in back of the goal. the outside. shot taken by ryan white. in front. available. matt dumba will hunt it down. they move it quickly. ryan white in the zone. parise a shot on parayko, to the corner. ryan reaves gets to it. out to center ice. dumba. hounded by brodziak. scottie upshall for the blues. moving in. caught by dubnyk. no further play. >> brian: the wild come really hard at the start of this overtime. three-on-two opportunity. coyle shoots this. allen has trouble hanging onto this puck. it was loose the whole time. a defensive play moments before
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up paul stastny. going to the net and jake allen who's had a couple of mishandles during this hockey game, turns this puck over. leads to a scoring opportunity for the minnesota wild. some frantic play here in the early going of this overtime. >> john: face-off kicked back by mikko koivu. mikael granlund hounded by carl gunnarsson. scottie upshall. sees it now. he'll steer it in. dubnyk will paddle it. along the boards for granlund. kyle brodziak from neutral ice. nicely by spurgeon. back for suter. here they come. mikko koivu dumps it in. bortuzzo rae readies for niederreiter. niederreiter along the boards. shove by brodziak who has the puck. the ex-wild sent ler car
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back down. ryan suter for his partner, jared spurgeon. off the stick of alex pietrangelo. allen. now bouwmeester. a quick up. david perron. they get it deep. nate prosser. back ahead of alex steen. to the corner. moving it by berglund. back to pietrangelo. he'll send it in. steen let it go for berglund. patrik berglund along the boards tied up attempting to win the battle. they pry it out. perron diagonally across. it's pietrangelo. now bouwmeester. a wrister off a body. off steen. attempts to win that battle. berglund wide of dubnyk. pietrangelo. mishandles. st. louis will tag up. along the boards now, david perron. feeds it in. devan dubnyk leaves it there for jonas brodin. just over four minutes gone in
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moved in by pominville. in the screen. that'll stop play. >> brian: a couple hard plays by the wild. they were able to get that puck out of their zone and out of harm's way, but in these situations you don't want to have any soft plays. any chance you have a play that it's a 50/50 opportunity, if you play it soft, you're in trouble in this situation. a good pace to the start of this overtime here. >> john: no doubt. off that draw, won back by paul stastny. st. louis organizing their breakout. 38 shots for minnesota, 25 taken by the blues. blues up three games to one. parayko. stastny. down for icing. the crowd loved that. >> brian: the st. louis blues are justhr
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the minnesota wild but the wild fore-checkers are not going anywhere, not chasing anybody behind the net. and the st. louis blues defensemen who didn't want to skate it out of harm's way decided to throw it out. ends up being an icing call. >> john: martin hanzal, paul stastny powers it back for the blues. joel edmundson right out. ryan suter. martin hanzal at the line. parise with a chance. what a play by joel edmundson. parise back for suter. ryan suter a winder blocked by edmundson and controlled by jaden schwartz. tarasenko. suter. second chance, stopped by dubnyk. >> brian: good defensive play on one end by joel edmundson, a good play to find parise. nice little dump pass. parise on the two-on-one. but edmundson does a great job of laying out and
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tarasenko, second-effort chance on the initial block by suter, gets it to the net. good save by dubnyk as he's able to freeze it with no rebound. >> john: going for it, both sides. plenty of chances early here in overtime. lehtera now. face-off battle with mikko koivu. moved along by bortuzzo. paajarvi interrupted by koivu. carl gunnarsson kicks it along. dumba got a stick to it. scandella to the outside. through center. sobotka cut it off before granlund was long gone. now dubnyk. >> brian: heads-up play by sobotka to get back and protect the middle. >> john: through center, mikael granlund, he'll send it in. jake allen. enough time. blues survive it. prosser onto the leadoff side, send it in. the wild will tag up
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pietrangelo. hit hard by ryan white. it deflects out of play. let's go back to game one, brian. you were here. joel edmundson in overtime. >> brian: yeah. good job by tarasenko to stay with this puck. he outmuscles couch coif, takes it to the net. edmundson snuck in on the weak side. got a gift from vladimir tarasenko. sent the blues happy home in game one. >> john: scored in game two. outstanding series. cleared in. chris stewart out in front. nobody home. back it goes. brodin off a stick, off ryan reaves, and out of play. >> brian: ryan reaves with a glove save right there, i believe. the wild get in on the fore-check, puck gets to the point. watch reaves' right hand.
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the shot. a little bit of a glove save right there by reaves. anything you can do to keep the puck out. a good job by the blues winger. >> john: whatever it takes. 13:56 left in overtime. brodziak. bouwmeester. through center. spurgeon took care of upshall. creates an icing. comes back in the st. louis zone. >> brian: johnny, all these icings, you would have never seen this 10 to 15 years ago with the red line in play, but with no red line it's a play that happens quite often in the national hockey league now, just have wingers blow the zone and try and catch teams napping. unfortunately, it doesn't work out. oftentimes it ends up being an icing play. seen it a lot in these playoffs, especially in the overtime periods. >> john: martin hanzal has had an outstanding game and he attempts to win the
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spurgeon. suter goes wide. off the boards. parise fans on it. looking for the carom. upshall. brings alex pietrangelo. defended by ryan suter. reaves on the corner. reaves stays with it. brodziak at the top of the goal crease. now bouwmeester at the point. moved along by spurgeon, not out. knock it out of midair. jared spurgeon out to neutral ice. bouwmeester will take it back. "d" to "d," pietrangelo. steen's offside. that'll stop play. let's take a look at the west. two teams have advanced as we take a look here, nashville four straight over chicago. the situation here, anaheim four straight over calgary. tonight nbcsn, game number six in san jose with the oilers getting that opportunity to advance.
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winner of this series will get the nashville predators. >> brian: joel edmundson has to come to the bench for a new stick. that buys time for the blues' defenders to get some rest. >> john: off the draw. paray parayko. spins it out. david perron moves it in. dubnyk leafs it there for dumba. matt dumba, a quick up. jason pominville broken up. joel edmundson cross ice. perron at the line. hounded by scandella. david perron. cluster of three on him. minnesota in possession. away for alex steen. marco scandella. through center, pominville. he'll play it back. the


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